Delightfully Freeing

"I LOVED this FABULOUS class!  Aviva Gold is a truly gifted teacher in a multitude of ways.  She is an extremely knowledgeable, talented, kind and loving Spiritual Art Medicine Woman who will help guide you to new places in your heart and soul, and then you get the pleasure of transferring your insights and feelings using paint to paper the way you see it!  What could be better!  The day is all about what YOU experience, there's no right or wrong, no judgment, and the day is completely accepting and supportive. It's a wonderful adventure in creativity, artistic expression and fun.  I wish Aviva lived in Los Angeles, because I would sign up once a week.  I invite you to enjoy this FABULOUS and INSPIRATIONAL class to paint from your own source.  It was delightfully freeing!"   Thank you so much, "Psychotherapist & Mediator"