Many Voices

"Amazing! Touched my heart. Took me to my growing edge and provided a safe container to explore the inner depths through paint and embodiment. WOW!!" – Elise C., Source Painting™  Facilitator, Juicy Creatives, FL

"Painting with Aviva is like having God at your side with the tenderness of your mother, sister there. She helps the experienced painter and non-painter alike and understands them both. She removes obstacles like self consciousness and inexperience. And just helps you pick up the brush and dive into your self." - Participant

"This was the most profound experience I’ve ever had at any workshop or retreat. Aviva was incredibly talented and devoted to the community she served. This was way beyond what I expected (and I do have high expectations). I feel that each participant was touched by Aviva’s loving heart of compassion. Thank you, thank you." - Shanti-Om

"Aviva was  so wonderful! I loved her and truly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone. I have never experienced anything like it. It’s definitely my new way of expressing-PAINTING!"  - Participant

"I loved the feeling of being held in a sacred space while diving deeply into my process with the rest of the group. Aviva held the warmest space with high intention for all of us. I Loved it – want to do it again!" - Janat Dundas, Source Painting™  Facilitator, Boulder CO

"This is my 2ed workshop with Aviva and it keeps getting better."- Seema

"A deep healing and nurturing experience for me in a safe and sacred space. I recommend this workshop to everyone." - Karie

"Fantastic- amazing group and facilitation. We all co-created safe space can’t believe the powerful, deep, moving experience on so many levels." - Participant

"A lot of love. A possibility to relate to the painting as something alive with a soul of it’s own. A safe space where I could let go and experience in a beautiful expression of my inner child." - Participant

"Perfect! I got all that I came for and more." –Iris, artist

"It was an incredibly rich group and personal experience. I experienced quite a release and transformational energy shift and spiritual expansion."- Deb Hilton

"Excellent!  Art experience was not needed to enjoy  painting and all that it symbolizes for one’s inner growth. All aspects of the  workshop were done in a professional and caring manner." - Larry Stack, Financial Advisor

"Transforming! Aviva’s ability to be a loving spiritual and Kali like source, created a space for an opening to source. I am forever grateful." – Denise

"It was deep, successful, profound, educational, spiritual, very fulfilling. Perfect!" – Lanae

"I lived and died and live again to go forth in the world with the courage to lead, to love, and to create. I have rediscovered the source of my creativity, laughter, and affection." - Participant

".... I feel empowered, creative, loved, nurtured, healed." - Participant

"I have "gained" my personal freedom... my sense of expression. I have accessed many parts of my creative soul which have been coming out in bits and pieces since early childhood. This course "brought it all together" for me. Not only will I paint, I will dance, I will write, I will teach and I will finally and forever more express my essence and being authentically!" - Participant

"Experiences that were most meaningful / powerful for me were --finding the painting itself, feeling the 'truth' of the painting in my body and having a chance to express the darkness and the light." - Participant

"Painting from the Source has made a profound contribution to a paradigm shift - what would my life look like if my energy were not so taken up with trying to be 'perfect.'" - Participant

"(I had) the ability and encouragement to be free to be myself without any possibility of criticism." - Participant

"I have named my wounds, I have emotionally owned and accepted them. My life can go on. My creativity has been realized and released." - Participant

"My powerful inner journey - awakening to truths and accepting all of me: I am multi-dimensional and it's all perfect!" - Participant

"This has been a shape shifting for me. " - Participant

"...the medium of painting was more powerful than I ever imagined. I learned to trust my goddess-given creativity and discovered the artist within me." - Participant