The Source

Excerpt about Jeffery Gould's art from the ArtPoint Blog
None of his artistic ability would have any foundation without the most important element of all: his attention to The Source.  Under the tutelage of noted teacher AVIVA GOLD, utilizing a philosophy of art, movement, and complete release of ego, The Source completes the line from idea to execution. Gould learned to paint from this "vibration" -- to invest the canvas surface with something deeper than a portrait, or landscape: he had acquired the sensitivity to meaning beneath form; emotion in gesture; character in composition.  Aviva Gold's intense course work was coupled with an entire openness to the body and spirit. The result was a new way of painting -- with the body as the brush.  For his new attention to a life as a painter, this permitted Gould to develop a body of work that has an acumen for color and spirit, and an ethereal sense of the human hum. (from The Artpoint - Art and The People Who Make It)