Beautiful, Sensitive

Last night, in a dream, I was surrounded by beautiful Art and a beautiful, sensitive teacher who didn't "cut off" my energy with judgement.  We were discussing how there have been quite a few teachers I couldn't even do Art in front of and I never knew why!  In "real life," however, there has never been a teacher like that (for me) before Aviva!!!!!  Usually I can't even do much in front of fellow classmates!!!  but for the seminar I just took in all that Aviva and Tony instructed and ignored everyone!  AHAH!  I soooo appreciate that we really didn't make comments positive or negative... I really "get" that now... Finally, I know what kind of teacher I'd like to be!

SO MUCH THANKS TO AVIVA and TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Cate Sky Conti, Interior designer