Birth of the New

Words for Aviva, after Kripalu workshop, Oct 2012:

Aviva, Aviva… Aviva – means spring
And spring to the people around you bring 
The birth of the new, transformation of old 
The magical cycles of life thus unfold.

Through sadness and sorrow, through rage and despair 
You stood so strong with no doubt or fear 
Like babies we frolicked and tantrumed and yelled 
While you our madness so lovingly held.

You met our demons and looked in their face 
Then simply addressed them with kindness and grace 
And softened the demons, the dragons have cried 
The sorrow has vanished and hope arrived.

You witnessed it all with a smile in your eyes 
You knew: at the end will the Phoenix arise 
And mystical spirits will swarm from above 
And will be the air vibrating with love.

And magical circle will close again 
And windows will open to endless domain 
And you will be gazing like a proud midwife 
At this celebration of spirit and life.

Tali ~ Daniel