Aviva truly is a midwife of the Soul. Her painting Process and loving compassion helps me to surrender to the unknown, into the void birthing deeper connection to my Soul.
Solveig, Art Therapist and Art Shaman Practitioner, Iceland


Thank you for this magical experience in the enchanting Painting From The Source®. You were a wonderful translator for a language I have forgotten to speak  and understand. I feel so blessed.
Catherine, Therapy coach and special needs teacher. Switzerland


Find the connection back to that which transcends who you think you are.
Fleming, Teacher. Denmark


Aviva guides you through the storms of your inner ocean and helps you retrieve the pearl of your soul.
Moira- Beatrice, Art therapist. Switzerland


Experience Magic! Open windows to otherwise closed off worlds.
Els, teacher/ senior care. Netherlands


The person who recommended this workshop to me caught my attention with a simple post on Facebook:  “Aviva’s book transformed my life.” After one week of Painting From the Source®, I can only agree.
Barbara F. Switzerland

You may not be a trained artist but your soul may be crying for your affection. Be silent, listen deeply, then just go to a Painting From the Source® workshop, and be moved to your knees in love.

Jeffrey G, Entrepreneur, Arizona USA


Painting From the Source® with Aviva Gold is truly and simply transformational. The only way to know this for your self is to do it. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.
Thaisa, UK


Painting together in the original way made me believe in my inner power and beauty.
Dorothee, Germany


Painting From The Source® is a deep dive into ourselves and a direct line to Spirit. It will become a regular part of my practice- a navigation tool to remind me how to stay on course throughout my life.
Beth M. Professional artist and educator. Hawaii USA


If you desire to know your self, Paint From The Source!
Sam, Technical support, Switzerland


This experience comes from the purest Source and allows you to feel the Truth.
Tali S. Therapist, Toronto, Canada


A note from workshop participant with observation on Aviva’s teaching:

What an amazing workshop/life experience!! You are amazing!! You have such an incredible ability to create community and an experience that enables each person (and there were many of us) to feel seen, heard and to undergo deep transformation. Your connection to Source is very tangible and so is your ability to listen to the voice of the group, to each person and to be authentic and open which invites our own authenticity and openness... You also have a great sense of humor which I love.

Nitsan G., workshop leader, peace activist, Israel


In PFTS you can be sure that something will happen which will push you into a deep process of growth.