Custom Sessions & Group Workshops

If you are unable to attend a workshop, my books, DVDs, audio sessions, and one-on-one Skype sessions can guide you effectively through the Painting From the Source® experience.

Individual Sessions

Aviva offers Individual Creativity Facilitation Sessions on Skype to help unblock creative energy and awaken your artist's soul. The oneon-one, individual session is for people who have done a painting using the Painting From the Source® Book and/or process, who think they are complete, or in  any stage of completion; or who may feel stuck. Bringing their painting to the session, you will find that the paintings have a lot to express and often reveal deeper meaning. You may be afraid, disgusted or curious about an image, like in dreams. Aviva guides you through sound, movement and dialog to go deeper into the painting and mine its rich guidance. 

Custom sessions start at US $110.  Once Aviva has confirmed an appointment with you, you may pay for yours session here: Individual Sessions

Often you must paint the beast to get to beauty.
— Aviva Gold

Hosting a Group Workshop Near You

Many of you want to host Painting From The Source® because you have experienced the workshop and want to share the benefits with your community. Others of you have read the PFTS book and/or viewed my DVDs or heard from others the value of Painting From the Source®. Thank you for your interest! 

It is much easier to host a workshop if you have already attended a workshop; you can see first hand how the space is set up, better advertise, and tell people what to expect. Therefore you may want to consider attending a workshop before organizing one.

Some benefits of bringing Painting From The Source® to your community are:

1. The satisfaction of introducing a powerful healing creative process to your community.

2. A great way to get publicity for your own work. Many people who lead local painting groups who've invited me to teach often get a good group from our workshop who continue to paint with them. No matter what your work, massage therapist, intuitive, or yoga teacher, publicizing a PFTS workshop in your town brings attention to you and your work.

3. Getting a group together is a good way to meet like-minded people in your town and make new friends, and get some painting buddies as well.

4. You get to attend a workshop for no cost.

5. You may learn new skills or polish ones you have, such as publicity, making a flyer, delegating duties to assistants, negotiating for appropriate painting space, as well as event production and coordination.

Please email or call me directly to work on your request for a custom group session.