Feedback from 2019 Iceland Teacher Training

Aviva is a Master Art Medicine Woman at the art of teaching / facilitating Trainings and workshops.  She is able to balance holding space for the group while providing what is needed for the individual.  These workshops are certainly transformational and reflective on a soul level. Please come and experience the magic of Source.
Kelly, Physical Therapist, Painter, Spiritual Seeker, South West , USA

I deeply recommend Aviva gold’s workshops and teacher Trainings in Painting From the Source. It’s deep, soulful and transformational work that opens you to your Source energy. 
Solveig  K, Icelandic Painting Shaman

Life changing Experience. I have no words. My teaching is now grounded and authentic. Thank you Aviva.
Ann, Waldorf Teachers Consultant, Story teller and singer. Denmark

Aviva’s work is a poetical and magical gateway empowering you for your very individual life journey. 
Moria Art Therapist and Shaman. Switzerland

Aviva Gold’s Painting From The Source is transformational. The teacher Training experience was enlightening. Thank You.
Keerthana, Nurse Supervisor, painter, teacher. Vermont, USA

Thank you for facilitating my most transformative journey in such a magical way.  Sharing your knowledge with us is so valuable to me.
Martha O. Drug and Trauma rehab therapist and IT expert.  La CA ( originally from Honduras )

Aviva is a Gem. PFTS is a fantastic transformative process leading you back to Source.
Flemming,  Child and family Teacher and therapist, Painter and Spiritual teacher. Denmark

Aviva’s knowledge is deep and process profound. I have reached the cave of my heart.
Diana, Artist, Yogi, Teacher. Saskatchewan , Canada


Paintings By Participants

Scenes from Iceland