Instructional DVD

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Instructional DVD


Experience Painting From The Source®
through Aviva's new DVD!

DVD DESCRIPTION: The Complete Painting From The Source - DVD
This new, updated DVD includes the previous 1 hour Instructional Main Feature, plus an additional 7 Special Features, including 30 minute TV Interviews with Aviva, a workshop in New Mexico, a recent interview with Aviva and her paintings in her California home and much more. The Main Feature, PFTS Instructional demonstrates EVERYTHING you need to know about Source Painting, including inspiration! It includes updated visual instruction, guidance and a refresher of benefit to those of you who have previously experienced Painting From The Source® through workshops or the book. For newcomers and old timers alike, The COMPLETE PFTS DVD is almost as good as attending a workshop.

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The DVD will provide :

  • How to set up a Simple, Safe and Sacred Space to paint.
  • Step by step instructions on mixing colors and buying and preparing non-toxic inexpensive materials.
  • Guidance through the first strokes to the final details by viewing Aviva paint. 
  • Stunning footage of people painting in Aviva's workshops. 
  • How to use the process to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 
  • How to acknowledge and accept the shadow side of yourself through painting. 
  • Countless valuable tips and wise inspiration that apply to and enhance all of life as well as painting.



Recommended. This very personable DVD presents practical and inspired steps to awaken the artist within. Gold gently asserts that this kind of painting is not about technique, but more about touching into a deep primal place where feelings can express themselves, and heal disharmony. She demonstrates the freedom of expression that allows the artist soul to emerge. She encourages attention to detail while remaining open to what the painting reveals, either by adding to it until it is finished, or allowing it to evolve and morph into another subject altogether. This process will become your alchemical gold. 
Napra Review

Aviva Gold turned my idea of art upside down and I have never been the same since. I found the freedom to express my inner experience.
Working Titles Magazine

Aviva Gold offers cost-effective ideas and shows how to set up a simple, safe & sacred space for creative efforts.
DVD Librarian


Aviva Gold teaches painting as everyday shamanism. Paint like a child and you call back your vital soul energy. I highly recommend this DVD.
Robert Moss, Author, Conscious Dreaming

This DVD gave me a quick overview of what the PFTS painting process is all about. Lots of people prefer watching to reading, and the DVD is chock full of valuable information, all presented in a comfortable format. It is a great educational tool.
Jill Preis, Psychologist

Aviva's compassionate voice of calm, and clear step by step explanations lured me into the essence of the Painting From The Source process. The DVD's montage style shows pieces of Aviva's workshops woven together with a practical guide to getting started at home. The entire package is inspirational.
Susan Brew, Teacher

The PFTS DVD is the next best thing to being in the workshop. It made me feel egger to start painting. I am a visual learner, and the DVD really made PFTS come alive.
Mego Johnson, Executive Director, Eco Agency 

I loved Aviva's book, but the Painting From The Source DVD brings the process to 3D living color!
Michelle Ruben, Graphic Designer

Aviva's enthusiasm and belief in the process is infectious. This DVD would make a slug want to paint!
Bob Bowen, Lawyer

I can't wait to get my paints and start painting. Aviva has convinced me that I am an artist and her DVD provided me with the confidence to pick up a brush.
Denise Morin, Banking Executive

Aviva's down to earth warmth, humor, and love show through the screen.
Joyce Powers, Physician