You can paint powerful images too.

Next weekend in Oracle AZ is May 25-27.


This painting, "Mr. Toro” (3'x4'), is an example of my intuitive channeled process and what others do in my workshops. He appeared by surprise many years ago.

There is another painting beneath this one to explore an intense painful sinus infection I was having and which I frequently suffer from . The painting beneath was a skull with green ooze coming from holes in the scull. After the skull told me that the pus in my sinuses was from my parents (or something like that), my pain disappeared and sinuses healed. The next day in a trance like state this painting appeared on top of the skull from my paintbrush spontaneously. When I asked him who he was, he told me his name was Mr. Toro and he was my protector and guide. It has been many years and the sinus infections have never returned.

Many people get goose bumps when they see Mr. Toro. He may look a intimidating but he has a big protective heart. He is seriously and powerfully protective while at the same time loving and compassionate.  Look at him for a few minutes and see what you feel. Enchanted? Alive? Safe? Physical symptoms plaguing you gone?