Every situation can be helped by expressing the deeper issue in a painting.

THE SITUATION: I have been renting a good seize apartment in Ojai for 10 years where with great effort and tedious furniture moving I offer  workshops. A few months ago my rent went up 25% ! … so I am pushed to pursue my old dream to own a home in nature ... where I can have a studio already set up and invite you for retreat and make it affordable to more people…. and bring the re-enchantment home to your own community. I love Ojai, but the home prices are out of the question for my income, just about all is out of the question on my income. So where to go that is warm and very affordable? What to do at my senior age?

THE PAINTING: In this new painting seen here, an older woman stands on a hill looking outward. What is that eight point red star shape in the valley below? It looks like a UFO landing site. What is the painting saying to me?

VOICE OF THE WOMAN ON THE HILL: “ I am the one who looks out from the hill top, who wanders, who searches the valleys and horizon, who is far sighted and seeks and finds magical locations. I am the Art Medicine Woman, painting a new reality.

VOICE OF THE RED STAR: I am a seed, a template, a beacon that attracts powerful forces. I prepare and mark, the spot where magic will land. What lands and is built on my eight pointed star spot will bring cosmic balance and order. 

AN IDEA: I am now looking at Oracle Arizona. Good name. Oracle, near Tucson but higher, cooler. I am thinking of doing a “Help Aviva buy a PFTS retreat” fund raising campaign. Seriously, donate a few thousand to the retreat purchase and come to retreats in nature in exchange. Donate and get out of the winter cold in retreat for a week or two… a co-operative  ... a destination for you. I am going to look in Oracle next week. I can send you pictures. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Try a painting to get more insight on any issue. It is magical and fun.

Love and bless, Aviva