Passion Blooms in Oracle

Dear Painting Friends,
 I practice a healing technique based on the teachings of Bruno Groning (who surfaced in Germany after World War II). In group meetings(Circle of Friends) every three weeks and twice a day at home, I sit and ask for healing of mind, body, and soul plus I ask for others in need and the planet. I take in the universal healing energy stream through my body. I read about and witness many other people receiving medically verified healings plus success in receiving lost items, the perfect home, improved relationships, and much more.  Sometimes I receive successful responses to my requests.  But I notice the most miraculous healings and manifestations occur for people who have a larger capacity for total unquestioning faith than I do. These people who are often less educated than me have more certainty that there request will be answered.
A friend suggested perhaps these people who experience the “miraculous” are not “jaded” with family and cultural conditioning of questioning every thing like me (lots of scientifically trained medical doctors in my family) … perhaps I am jaded by too much sophistication, making simple things too complicated. I know miracle healings and manifestations of money for big projects are possible for everyone; it is what I teach, but I have subtle doubts it is possible for me.
I had an insight in yoga last week: instead of my usual prayer for more complete faith, I now pray for “innocence” and I feel something shifting. I am asking for childlike wonder, pure heart, “innocence”, just in time for moving to Oracle November 20th, where I am requesting a costly dynamic creativity center.
Innocence & Faith Tested: I am packing and going through years of endless papers and stuff, clearing out, so many memories surface. In my preparations for setting up utilities, mail, communications and more in Oracle AZ, I am hit with surprises each day. Yikes! What do you mean there is no mail delivery at the house I will be renting! First time in my life I must go to the distant Post office to receive and send. The electric power from the Indian reservation is very unsteady. The only internet connection is unreliable, the devouring Javelina packs need to be fenced out of the yard and garden, the trash taken to the dump/ transfer station. Shopping, banks, movies, pharmacies, doctors are over a half hour ride toward Tucson.  Medicare plans are slim pickings. What am I doing here!? People tell me they admire my bravery. I sometimes wonder, “am I stupid or crazy.” Feels like my destiny and I have no choice but to follow.
“Innocence” kicks in. A sense of humor, a sense of wonder kicks in. Curiosity. It is hilarious, a great adventure. Keeps me awake, challenged. The night skies are dark and star filled. There are places of deep silence. The air is clear and clean, the high desert mountain landscape and sunsets breathtaking, the people … well, each an original, one of a kind, unique and minimal pretense…no fashion trends. Everybody knows your business unless you are a complete hermit. Lots of cowboys, animals, wild and tame, butterflies, artists, poets, even a small theater group. A good place for Re-Enchantment. A good place to bring people for a transforming painting Retreat, closer to the SOURCE.
When I was in Oracle a few weeks ago I saw this amazing flower growing on a vine in the back of the house I will be renting. I later found out it is a Passion flower. (see picture above). This house is on a street called La Osa (female bear).  Oracle , Female Bear, Passion flower.. Good omens.
Approached with Innocence, Passion flowers from Oracle earth.
I can accommodate a few people painting and sleeping in my temporary home in Oracle at a affordable fee. Might you be interested?

Love and blessings to all, Aviva