Return To An Old Place With New Vision

Dear Painting Friends,
As you well know, significant places and people, like dreams and images surface when least expected. Sixteen years ago on my way to a mindful acting workshop in the Massachusetts Berkshire Mountains, I fell into the Magical Earth Dance Retreat Center for the Arts, populated by free wheeling, lose limbed, barefoot creatives dressed for momentary floor rolling. Little did I know that this rambling collection of rustic wood studios, cozy kitchen, and dorms nestled between meadow and hilly woods would house my first PFTS teacher training group from 2000 through 2002. What wild times we had! From our breakfast porch, picture us watching a brown bear relishing raspberries in the garden. Picture us leaping from a wood fired sauna into the cool spring fed stone quarry pool.. and, oh yes, wild, poignant painting and rituals in our spacious octagonal studio, not to mention delicious, health conscious meals. 
Now, in 2014,  juicy Earth Dance calls us back on September 21st through the 26th in the midst of a fall foliage riot offering you the opportunity of a life time, to become fully awake in your passion with a chance to touch the infinite… think of it… five precious days of unrestricted painting and movement surrounded by nature's annual New England color show! So, dearest painting friends, take a moment to consider this rare life altering invitation knocking on your computer screen window… an opportunity to unleash your creative passion facilitated by an Art Medicine Woman in her 75th year prime. I hope this invitation inspires you to find a way to be with us on September 21st through the 26th. After all, it's for the best cause… your inner growth and health. 
More information is available by registering online.

Love and blessings, Aviva