Birth of the Wild Woman

In the late 1980’s to mid 90’s my own personal search for meaning and healing brought me face-to-face with the “Wild Woman Archetype”, an energy and being who has disrupted, guided and reassured me in my life journey. Powerful female figures birthing creatures of all sorts had shown up in my paintings for years, the feminine face of the Divine which I wrote about in previous chapters.

Then in the mid 90’s a friend gave me the audio tapes of “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Estes. I became obsessed with listening to these tapes filled with myths and fairly tales dealing with the Wild Woman Archetype. I cried and laughed. This untamed sensuous outspoken feminine energy that lives in us all has been outcast during thousands of years of Patriarchy. Hearing the stories of the Wild Woman archetype was an awakening for me. The stories helped me understand, accept and value aspects of my life and paintings of which I had previously felt ashamed. Realizing that the Wild Woman was a strong active aspect of myself was reassuring and healing.

A few years later I was teaching a workshop in New Mexico. I painted a dark female face on a single sheet of paper. The one page face demanded a body and I obeyed, knowing the painting would become enormous. It took a year of devoted adding on papers, painting, allowing her voice, dance, sounds to come through me, listening to her guidance to finally complete this 10 foot tall painting.

She is indeed the essence of Wild Woman, our dark powerful shadow calling out for earth healing through authentic creativity. She has various names: Dark Eros, Black Venus, The Great Cosmic Mother.

Black Wild Woman hangs on my wall wherever I live cheering me on, guiding me, reminding me of the purpose in all I do. People who see her are either deeply moved or agitated. No one remains neutral. There are as many versions of the Wild Woman as there are people, and we need them all. She is sounding the “Call” to men and woman. “Speak Out!, Paint Out!, Sing Out!, Dance Out! for planetary healing.” Does she call to you as well? When you paint from the Source, your guides are certain to appear.

“Some people mistake being loving for
being a sap. Quite the contrary, the
most loving people are often the most
fierce and the most acutely armed for
battle... for they care about preserving
and protecting poetry, symphonic song, ideas, the elements, creatures, inventions, hopes and dreams, dances and holiness... those goodly endeavors that cannot be allowed to perish from this earth, else humanity itself would perish...”
–Clarissa Estes, “The Dangerous Old Woman”


We are living in a time when more people feel desperate; thus a window of opportunity opens. I believe and here propose, that creating Source Art and offering this opportunity to others (who will offer to others), is a potent, necessary and radical form of Activism and spiritual practice. Opening our hearts and ultimately the heart of our culture to authentic creativity is our best hope for positive change in the way we live on earth. Is this your inner calling? Does the thought of creating Source Art and helping others do the same, excite you and give you meaning? Here in these pages, I offer you new tactics and inspiration for this sacred mission: the Re-Enchantment of an ailing world with Source Art – one person, one circle of friends at a time. Might this be the Call to which you answer Yes!