Can Art Really Save the World?

“What the warming world needs now is art.”Bill McKibben, “The End of Nature

The reality of ecological devastation and suffering of people, even when not directly in our face, lies always on the edge of our psyche. All else seems secondary while our air, water, food, night sky, silence and earth becomes polluted. Images of war and the devastation of all living creatures bombard us. Cell phones, texts, tweets, sound bytes and e-mails invade, distract and drain us. Often I feel helpless and in despair. I want to contribute; I want to make a difference.

There is so much need and so many worthy organizations in which to join and become active. Which one calls me? They all do. Having diligence in recycling, using less carbon based energy and eating local organic food is not enough. What, if any, is my authentic contribution? Do you wonder the same? In my quiet moments of meditation, listening to my dreams, and when I paint and facilitate others, I feel certain that Painting and teaching from The Source and sharing my paintings in the world is my calling – my contribution. Could opening peoples’ hearts with Source Art be your contribution as well? And if so, you may wonder how will painting help the environment and relieve global suffering anyway?

This I do know: Art in all its varieties is the most potent transformational magic available to humankind. Art is a revelatory spiritual and healing practice; it is our universal heart-opening language. Art offers expression, detoxification and clearing of shadows, clearing of personal and collective unconscious blocks. Creating art in group circles accelerates the speed of breakthrough. Transformational Art Process deepens with the addition of multiple modalities such as sound, movement and poetic journal. Spiritual creative experiences which initiate “breakthrough,” ease personal and collective angst, and open the heart to the needs of our planet and fellow beings. Creating alone or in a group can also be fun, playful and joyous, offering opportunities to lighten up. Turn off digital bombardment and see life in a larger perspective!

I also know that each of us is called to participate in our own unique way. If you are uncertain of your purpose, not yet found what gives you meaning, fervently ask for inner guidance, then I invite you to paint, dream, stay alert. What excites you, what makes you feel more alive will become obvious. As Carl Jung says, “Trust what gives you meaning and let it be your guide”.