I Love To Paint!

I love free spontaneous painting. And I love providing opportunities for others to paint in this way. Painting, fairy tales, movies, being in nature and creative play saved me as a child. As I grew and studied art professionally, the magic of free expression was lost. I watched children painting, envious and bereft for what I dearly missed. Then in midlife I was fortunate to rediscover the bliss of wild unselfconscious painting through which I fully experienced the empowerment and transformation I had for so long sought. I knew at once what I was meant to do with the rest of my life …. to facilitate others into the Source Paint adventure. In 1985 I was one of the pioneers in the spiritual Process Painting Movement. My book, Painting From The Source was published in 1998 and I have been fortunate to teach all over the world.

 In our current world of technology, urban living and gloomy news, we all still sense in our innermost being that there is mystery at the core of our existence. We yearn ever more fervently to connect with our roots, with nature and with the spiritual foundation of our beings. 

Making art for me is a way of active prayer, a source of healing...of refreshment and connection to the Divine Source of all creation. For me, painting is a ritual of devotion which continually re-enchants my life and nourishes my soul. Painting is a path to deep self discovery.

It can be the same for you.