What is Painting From The Source®?


Painting From The Source® 

PFTS is a painting workshop or retreat, where a group of people paint, share, move, vocalize, and create ritual together for healing, renewal, radical play and artful learning. Workshops can be one day or as many as seven. No prior art experience is necessary.

More About Source Painting

Creativity and sacred presence are sources the same way. The natural and ancient way to create authentic Art is healing to the maker, viewer and community. Similar to meditation, yoga, trance dance, chanting, and dream tending, spontaneous painting, is a potent and effective means to mystical revelatory states of consciousness with the bonus of a stirring visual record. 

Source Painting™ falls into a unique category of its own in which process painting is just one of many techniques. These techniques include Marathon painting, Gestalt therapy techniques, Jungian Active Imagination, principles of children’s art education, art therapy, catharsis, body awareness, energy healing, art as experience, channeling, dream work, principles of Shamanism, shape shifting, Animism, Sacred Ceremony, Birth Therapy, spontaneous theater, meditation, Mandela painting, and more. The Source Painting™ process can also incorporate, dance, authentic movement, music, sound-making, singing and journaling - sometimes these additions evolve naturally in the moment. 

Beauty occurs in art and life the very instant you allow your deepest soul truth to be expressed.
— Aviva Gold

Who is Painting From The Source® for?

PFTS is designed to aid contemporary people in reconnecting with nature and the original Source of life. In turn, this leads to benefits such as improved relationships, health, and work. Further benefits are a heart opening for deepening community and a motivation for broader sustainability. 



PFTS also creates Source Art workshops as an extension of the intuitive painting process with other modalities, such as dancing, drumming, nature exploration.   

Unable to Attend Workshop?

If you are unable to attend a workshop, my books, DVDs, audio sessions, and one-on-one Skype sessions are resources that can guide you. 

Aviva Presents PFTS, Slides, & Answers Questions