How & Why PFTS Transforms You

Tap The Source With Painting: Re-Enchant Your Life

The Painting From the Source® (PFTS) method, whether learned in a workshop or with the guidance of my book or DVD, allows first-time painters to feel at ease with painting and to complete (or start) a meaningful painting. For experienced painters, it rejuvenates the painting process, allowing it to flow with more ease.

But this is only the beginning!

PFTS is designed to promote profound healing on all levels, deeper connections and love toward other people and nature, a renewed, re-enchanted sense of freedom and positive changes in your entire life. In a word, Painting from the Source® promotes true “transformation.”

How can my life change from painting a picture?

 Imagine a tiny island surrounded by a vast and endless sea. Imagine this tiny island is your conscious mind (all you are aware of) poking above the surface of this vast endless sea and below the surface is EVERYTHING you are not consciously aware of, ... which for us 21st century Western Civilization humans, is most everything.

 Beneath the surface of this vast, endless, swirling sea lies forgotten or repressed memories and experiences from your current biological life, as well as inherited parental and ancestral influences. In these deep depths also reside the collective memories that all beings share in common from the beginning of time ... all the images, symbols and mythology that come into our dreams and often permeate the movies and novels to which we are attracted. All the mystical and esoteric teachings from every age and corner of our world (and perhaps other worlds as well) lie beneath the surface of this sea that surrounds our tiny island of consciousness awareness.  

And there is so much more!

Beneath these dark waters also lie constellations of energy that we sense but cannot see — magnetic fields, the connected web of life of which we are part, quantum fields … All the mysterious forces at work in life and nature: the full cosmic source of all creation. Your intuitive hunches, guiding wisdom, life purpose, karmic contract, astrology … your life force, eternal inner guides, totems, spirit, Soul all swim in this vast deep ocean.

On some level we all yearn to connect more deeply with these life energies and to fully experience our true eternal magnificence. But most of us cannot see any of this with our everyday eyes until we let down our barriers, allowing the tide to naturally flow, as happens in our dreams, Source Creativity and other states of altered consciousness.

The essence of inspiration, genius, scientific discoveries, creative productions, mechanical and technical inventions are the same; call it Spiritual Grace.
— Aviva Gold

Yes, connect with this invisible world of Source when you pick up a paintbrush with no preconceived plan and… allow your urges and intuitions to play freely with paint on the paper. You tap into this vast sea of unconscious currents and become a channel bringing forth to the surface what and who is ready to be revealed - and never is it more than you can handle. Not only do you paint unconscious aspects of your self, you tap into universal blueprints, energy networks, images of God and Goddess, universal mythical themes. You meet your true guiding star, your eternal BELOVED. It can be electrifyingly passion-filled, transforming, and lasting. It often forms a foundation from which to have healthier relationships because you have become more of your own true, full self.

Your painting journey may take you through agony and ecstasy or mild steady seas. Many images and symbols will appear that you may never intellectually understand, but be assured, sooner or later, you are painting nothing less than your eternal soul, your God, your most passionate BELOVED.

The Language used to communicate is primal, non-verbal, non-intellectual, universal –symbols and images that emerge in your painting and go directly into your and the viewers body.

TO GO EVEN DEEPER with the Painting from the Source® method, you may embody the images you paint, that is, you shape shift into that which has come forth to be seen and heard…. and continuing in its native language of “no thinking words,” you can spontaneously express what the painting and images need to express in spontaneous movements and vocalizations.  Often once this connection is made, there begins conversations between you and the beings in your painting that are full of surprising insights.

All of this lies in store for those brave souls who are ready and willing to embrace Painting from the Source®.






Unable to Attend Workshop?

If you are unable to attend a workshop, my books, DVDs, audio sessions, and one-on-one Skype sessions will guide you

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