The truth is that anyone, with practice, has the capacity to paint from the Source as humankind has done throughout time. And my life has been devoted to offering a sacred and safe container in which people can once again tap into the Source by channeling art together in group-like tribal families. Most of the paintings you see here actually were channeled by me in the tribal group setting of my workshops.

 Over the years people who see my paintings in my home have suggested that I offer reproductions for sale. But it has been only recently that my paintings have “signaled” they are  eager to be shared with others in the world. The time feels right and I am thrilled to offer for sale affordable-priced reproductions of a select group of my Source paintings. Every painting will include my original signature and mark.

Each painting is a surprise, unplanned, painted over the years in different seasons, during ancient forgotten festivals times, or different astrological planetary and cosmic events, varying emotional environments and personal needs. I may begin with a yearning for a particular color or shape or a thought barely consciousness. Mostly I get out of the way and allow the unknown world to come through.

My Source paintings have their unique visual message, like the Tarot and totem spirits each with its particular character, message or even healing balm. Each is driven/ guided by a different deva/nature spirit/ fairy if you like. And each of you will be attracted to a particular painting for reasons known and unknown. Trust your intuition as to which one or ones call you to live with and be inspired by. I can promise you that they all carry a particular powerful and beneficial charm. Enjoy knowing that each of the original paintings live with me as well. We can all share and feel the same power from the painting, thus forming a strong web-bond for planetary re-enchantment.

Every painting Includes a written record of my memories  surrounding its conception, its visceral emotional impressions, plus any speculation I can make based on subsequent studies in myth, mysticism, quantum physics, animism, occult and more.

I do hope a special painting calls to you. I am honored that you would consider inviting my painting into your home.

Aviva Gold