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Aviva Interview

KCXI Community Radio Broad Perspectives Tucson AZ

A message from Aviva Gold, Founder of Source Painting™


Imagine yourself immersed in Source Painting®, movement, & vocalization. Enchantment is available for everyone.

For over 35 years Painting from the Source® (PFTS) has been offering workshops, books, DVDs, and private coaching for men and women who have considered painting - but never thought they could. PFTS is also for people who are trained in the arts and would like to explore and expand the source of their creativity.

The workshops are for anyone who wants to awaken their artist's soul. It  rekindles your sense of freedom and will have beneficial affect on other areas of your life. Many who have experienced the workshop have found this painting process to be genuinely transformative. For a tiny taste of the vast soul feast available in Aviva's workshops and book, sign up for our newsletter on the left side of this page and you will receive and hands-on sampler to try at home. 

This was the most profound experience I’ve ever had
at anyworkshop or retreat. Aviva was incredibly talented
and devoted to the community she served. This was way beyond what I expected (and I do have high expectations). I feel that each participant was touched by Aviva’s loving heart of compassion. Thank you, thank you.
— Shanti Om